About Marcia Wise

Her Story

Marcia, the CraZi CandieZ and TreatZ founder, has over 15 years of experience in making homemade cakes and desserts by watching her late grandmother in her kitchen when she was a little girl. I started this journey in remembrance of my grandmother Susie and the loss of my daughter Miracle,  who pass 2 days before Valentine's Day in 2017. I was home one day thinking about my daughter and remembered she would always tell me "Mommy I  am CraZi and love me some candy", so I starting making cakes and treatZ every time I would think about her smile and when we were in the kitchen together making cakes and treatZ for her friends and people she loved in her life. It would take me to a happy place, where the pain of the loss of her wasn't so bad at times.  I love and enjoy seeing people  smile when I have created something from my heart. I see my daughter smiling  back at me. This business has healed my heart  in so many ways.